Dalat is a highland city in the southern part of Vietnam. Located at an altitude of 1500 meters, the city is surrounded by hills covered with pine trees. Dalat is endowed with a temperate climate that has an average temperature of 18 to 20 degrees Celcius. There are plenty of amazing sights for you to see in this city of Eternal Spring. Here’s an overview to some of the best Landscapes of Dalat.


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Coffee shops

We have hundreds of coffee shops in Dalat, we the Vietnamese are likely to have cafe’ culture that you may or may not know, people love to hang out in the coffee shops for all things from chatting to business ventures.

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Where to shop

Want to purchases something without being rip off?! Here are tricks and tips how to avoid 🙂

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Activities and hobbies

Da Lat is a city located in the south-central part of Vietnam. Originally developed as a resort, the city is surrounded by hills, waterfalls, rice paddies, and man-made lakes. Dalat’s temperate weather makes it an ideal destination for tourists and local visitors from hot, low-lying areas. Here are 6 Activities and outdoor sports in Dalat that are worth trying out for an interesting and memorable experience.

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Restaurants and Food

Aside from the magnificent landmarks, the relaxing breeze of cold air, and the awe-striking gardens the city of Da lat offers, tourists visiting this place also look forward to having a taste of its authentic Vietnamese cuisines. A dive into the culture a serving of Bò sặc, Bánh tráng, and many more can bring.

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Long term expats

For whom who stay in Dalat long time and want settle in Dalat. We will guide you where and how to get paperwork done as well as renting houses, opening businesses and maybe finding jobs.

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Hostels are common in Da Lat because of the growing number of tourists and backpackers who visit the area. Competition in the hotel and restaurant industry is at its peak, and that’s a good thing for travelers. Hostels and other room accommodations employ different ways to attract customers.  Some opt to add and refine their amenities, while others adopt strange yet fascinating themes.

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Schools and University

In Vietnam, most schools employ the traditional form of education which is the classroom setting. Teachers have to manage a class with an average of 34 students which can be quite intimidating for some of them, especially if it is in primary school. Parents pay not only for the entrance and tuition fee but also for the books, uniforms, and the laboratory and equipment fees that the student will use for that school year.

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How to get here

To go here, you can ride a plane to its domestic airport, Lien Khuong. You can also take a 7-hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City. Unfortunately, there are no international flights going directly to Da Lat. This might be why it is less popular than Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi among foreign tourists despite its popularity among locals. Despite this, it is still one of the top recommended vacation spots in the country.

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Da Lat Festival of Flowers

Crowds of foreigners and locals cheering in festive roars, colorful lights dancing from the elaborately-decorated stage, everywhere, there are vast arrangements of fresh flowers proudly presented by the locals- this is the typical scenario of every Flower Festival in Da Lat.

Being the “City of Spring,” it is quite natural for Da Lat to celebrate a festival of flowers at least once every other year, to cultivate the growth of its colorful buds and show its new crops and products to tourists and possible investors.

Since 2005, Da Lat in Lam Dong, and other localities in Vietnam’s Central Highlands region has been celebrating the Flower Festival together.

During the month of December, usually, days nearing the year-end, locals would start decorating their city with beaming flowers as preparation for their upcoming festival.

They would set-up flower arrangement competitions, where different teams made up of locals show off their skills in creating the best flower designs.

Every year, there are some changes applied to the flower festival to improve tourists’ experience in the city. And its effectiveness is visible through the rising number of visitors coming to the town in time for the world-renown celebration.


First Feat

The flower festival is first celebrated in the year 2005 to promote Da lat’s flower and vegetable crops throughout and out of Vietnam. It was then themed “Da lat – A destination of colorful flowers.”

Although it was the first time of Da Lat to celebrate the festival, it was already able to gather approximately 80,000 tourists.

Back then, 160 flower cars paraded the city, and by the time the night fell, a splendid fireworks display was set for the people.


2007 Flower Festival

On the second celebration of flower festival, the number of tourists had ballooned to 110,000.

More competitions and events were added to encourage participation from the visitors and locals. The theme this time was “Da Lat flowers- I love you.”


A leap to 2010

The third celebration of Flower Festival in Da lat was moved to 2010 instead of 2009 to make it in time for Thang Long’s 1000th anniversary.

It was a time when the Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng himself acknowledged Da Lat as the “First City of Flower Festival.” It was also this year that the place was started to be called “A city of thousands of flowers” in alignment with the feast’s theme “Da Lat- A city of thousands of flowers.”


2012 Flower Festival

In the fourth celebration of the feast, Da Lat finally claimed the city’s title with the theme ” Dalat-City of Flower Festival.”

The variety of events raised in 2012, with flower markets, scientific conferences, and much more added to the list of its gimmicks.

Visitors also totaled to a booming number of 300 000 tourists.


5th Flower Festival

The 5th celebration of Flower festival coincided with Da lat’s 120th foundation anniversary.

Events such as Flower fashion, week of love, tourism festival and more were added to make the festival even more grandiose than it already is.



Recent Flower Festival

Just last year, the Flower Festival of Da lat continued to roll. It was themed “Highlands–the call of Great Mountain”. And was filled with a high number of tourists.

Visitors were given a chance to take part in the celebration through an event called “A Night of convergence of Da Lat flower color” where they exhibited art performances and things as such.

This December, we will once again witness how Vietnamese pull-off their creativity and talents to impress tourists gathered in their city.